The research group of "Plant Biology under Mediterranean Conditions" organizes a "University Specialist Diploma" in Methods in Plant Ecophysiology for the 2013-14 academic year, initially scheduled for the period of May 12th to June 13th, 2014.


The main goal of this course is to give the opportunity to students in Ecophysiology to learn the most advanced and frequently used techniques combined with the possibility to practice in a "hands-on" course that will combine the theoretical knowledge of the techniques, presented by some of the most prestigious professors from around the world, with the possibility to experience the use of these techniques in an intensive practical program, which includes presentations of the most novel technologies presented by the manufacturing companies.


Professor Barry Osmond commented: "The concept outlined in the program University Specialist on Techniques in Plant Ecophysiology is the most imaginative, and the most important, step yet proposed to bring the largely unrealised advances of two decades (or more) of promises (and investments) in plant molecular biology to a platform for addressing the future needs of food security in the face of inexorable global climatic change. It seeks to engage the world leaders in the skills needed, and has the potential to motivate a new generation of researchers who will be absolutely essential to achievement of these goals, upon which the future of human occupation and sustainability of planet Earth depends."

The course is divided in 4 groups of technologies that are separated in 4 weeks of theoretical and practical classes as well as specific sessions for companies' presentations. A final week of field practice will give the students the opportunity to apply in the field all the knowledge acquired in the previous 4 weeks.

The number of students will be limited to 40 in order to enhance the possibility for students to have a direct experience with the experimental equipment.


Most sincerely, 



                                                                Dr. Miquel Ribas-Carbó

                                                                       Course Director